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Way to achieve the goals:

Ensure the protection and preservation of the interests of its members by all legal means in accordance with the legislation in force .

To participate with the government in industrial development, preparation and implementation of economic and social policies that ensure progress and prosperity for all manufacturers, including the participation of the Union in the formulation of laws and decisions that affect the industry and manufacturers.

And participation in the industrial development of the Libyan state in three strategic contribution plans in the field of industry and employment issues , investment and territorial development (regulation and the protection of industrial activities as required by the Libyan market).

Work to strengthen the dialogue on policy compatibility with partners Industrials Libyans.

Ensure representation of all industrial activities with the government.

Work for the promotion of industrial sectors in all topics that affect them directly or indirectly through technical services and training centers , promotion and support.

Development of international companies through the neighborhoods and the creation of quasi- relationships with the owners of industries and institutions of foreign central -subscribers and international industrial cooperation and coordination at the local level and the Arab world.