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The idea to the Union as a result of reluctance of foreign companies to come to Libya to meet its contractual obligations and of the installation of plant equipment company Swanee Industries , where we addressed the competent authorities individually and unfortunately did not we meet ears so we contacted some of the companies that are suffering from the same problems and we have prepared a memorandum of collective ... It is this principle, we began work on forming a union Libyan industry where we have contacted the owners of factories, mostly welcomed the idea and joined to work with us to establish a union aims to serve the industry in Libya and defend the interests of workers.

May agree all on the principle of the marginalization of the state and the lack of interest in the industry in Libya, which led to the agreement of the organizers of the Union on the need to influence the competent authorities and decision-makers to build a national economy product is a consumer guarantee the future of the coming generations in Libya and sings from reliance on oil as the sole source of income.


Ihab Mohammed Abu Khudair

Mansour factory for the manufacture of diapers